6-Pack DROP-INS® Fruit Fly Traps

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Non-toxic, No spill Traps

BEAPCO’s DROP-INS® Fruit Fly Traps are super easy to use! Using our non-toxic fruit fly attractant, and patented design, these traps lure in and trap unwanted fruit flies better than our competition. You can leave this trap for up to 30 days, and watch as the flies accumulate. Once you’re done with them, just throw them in the recycling. Simple and mess free!

  • Clear design so you’ll know when it’s working!
  • Small, discrete and virtually odorless.
  • Safe for use at the office, in all areas of the home, around children, pets, and food.
  • Requires no maintenance

Test Results


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BEAP CO DROP-INS® Fruit Fly Traps give home owners 180 days of continuous fruit fly protection. The “food grade”, non-toxic lure solution draws the fruit flies into the see-through traps where they are unable to escape. The patented, conical trap design also prevents the lure solution from spilling out from the traps, if it is dropped or knocked off the counter.

Easy to setup: simply fill each trap with the Lure Solution, up to the fill line and place on counter tops, near fruit or wherever you have problem areas.

Proven to perform: secondary testing has shown that BEAP CO’s Fruit Fly Traps capture 2.2x more than other household products.

More Effective

Using our secret attractant formula and patented trap design, our traps are 2.2 times more effective than other leading household brands.


Once full, the entire trap is recyclable allowing for easy and environmentally friendly disposal.


Our traps are small, clear and discrete making them easy to hide in your home or office.

Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 19 x 21 x 3.8 cm


• 180 days of continuous fruit fly protection throughout your home (each traps lasts 30 days with 6 traps in each package)

• Requires no maintenance, Simply fill trap with non-toxic Lure Solution and place near problem areas, Recycle after 30 days

• The patented design prevents the Lure Solution from escaping the trap if dropped or tipped upside down

• The traps are clear to let you know it is working.

• Testing has shown to capture on average 2.2x more fruit flies than leading household brands



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